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Day One
Usually at the end of a year and beginning of the next I spend all this time reflecting on what was "good" and "bad" about the if anything is actually that linear. I write a long post about what happened in the previous year and then I write about goals/resolutions for the new one.

This year, I've decided that pictures and movies are way more fun than detailed written accounts. I've also decided that every day, heck every moment, is an opportunity for growth, so why get all focused on just today. And instead of picking apart the million things I want to change about myself I am going to focus on what I already like.

And for the record I had an AMAZING first day. I spent the morning on the trails on the back of my horse, my hubby accompanied us with the dog. His first hike since the injury. How awesome it was to be in the woods this morning with some of my favorite beings :)

Happy New Year Everyone!


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