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Winter Goes On

I got out for a much needed ride yesterday with some of my girlfriends.  It had been about a month since I'd been off property and it felt good to be in some different surroundings enjoying my pony.  Freckles got to go too as as one of the ladies we rode with has a lame horse so she borrowed mine, it all worked out well.

We had some charging dogs add a bit of excitement to the ride.  Apparently the horses did not realize there was a fence and there was no way the dogs could actually get us as they took us fleeing down the trail.  Everyone rode it out really well and it was a pretty fair spook from the horse's point of view as NONE of us realized the dogs were coming.  We also ran into some hunters...even though it is not actually hunting season.  They seemed annoyed that we there.  How dare horse and riders be on the bridle paths designated specifically for horses interrupting their hunt during the off season.  It's always unsettling to me to come across men with guns out in the woods.


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