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A Master In Art
''You look like one mind and one body, if you got a taste of it, if you got a taste of what I'm talking about, you'd rather do that than eat. You'd rather do that than anything. You couldn't get enough of it.  You may spend your whole life chasing it...but it's a good thing to chase" -Buck Brannaman

Last night I was watching some video footage of Buck Brannaman.  Every time I watch him ride I feel in awe of the art and communication that is happening before my eyes. He is a master in the saddle a true genius at what he does.

It is inspiring and a bit intimidating to watch. I’ve heard him say that he feels like he still has so much to learn from the horse, like he has barely scratched the surface of what the animals have to teach. Last night I heard Buck say Rebel (his main squeeze and furthest developed horse) was just now getting to where he was fun to ride.

If HE is “just scratching the surface”, what the heck am I doing? Have I even been in the vicinity of this surface to be scratched? Do I even know what tool to use in order to make this elusive scratch? I’m thinking no.

I once heard someone say that to be a master at something you have to put in 10,000 hours. This would be time with my horses where I am truly interacting and learning and riding, not just feeding and filling water buckets. 10,000!!!!!! On a GOOD week I get 6-8 hours and that is when all the planets align and the heavens open up to allow for horse time. On a typical week it is probably more like 3-5 and here lately I’m feeling lucky if I hit 2. I’m going to be a good 100 years old to achieve this master status and I cannot even begin to wrap my head around all that I do not know.

I think it is pretty safe to say that my journey towards being a master will not end in this physical lifetime. A path that has no end with no summit to scale. I am apologetic and appreciative to my equine partners as I’m sure a more capable, knowledgeable and skillful human could give them a better deal and bring them to a different crossroads on this trail. In spite of this we move forward and I have love in my heart and the best of intentions in my soul for them and I cannot think of a better never ending journey to be on and I know it is exactly where I want to be


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