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Spring is Knocking...Let's Answer The Door
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We survived the nail incident and came out fortunate on the other side.

We had a lovely ride yesterday in the warm sunshine.  Frogs were singing, buds were forming and I could feel Spring on her way.

The trails were so fun!  We had about 2 inches of rain on Thursday and Friday and so there were many little running streams, tiny waterfalls and glistening puddles of sunshine all throughout the trails.  The water was still running off and it made for such a cool although soggy environment to ride in.

When Tucker and I are out in the world I have people tell me how lucky I am to have such a good horse.  We have definitely had our challenges but he's never been a problem horse and he has never been dangerous.  He has always had a good mind and a gentle nature....he is a good horse.  I am fortunate that I have a job, a husband and lifestyle that supports having the horses...I am lucky.  However, when people say this to me, his good mind and my supportive husband are not what they referring to.  It is usually in response to the fact that he loads well, crosses water, doesn't run off with me, stands still to mount or some other good behavior that he happens to be displaying.  I supposed I should be flattered by the comment, but really it kind of bugs me.  I've had him since he was a baby, I taught him to do this stuff, it is not just luck.  He was a really nice canvas, but I actually do get credit for some of the painting.


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