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Little Pieces Of Me

Living The Dream

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Home Again
We are home after a visit with my family in Texas for the week.  I'm exhausted!!!!  I've tried to convince myself all day that I have the energy to go for a ride, but thus far I'm not doing a very good job.

I'm also trying to get my mind (and body) to switch gears.  It is no longer time to be with my parents, hang out with my sisters and play with my nephews.  It is time to sort through work emails, prepare for a Jamboree and settle back into the life I know and love here.  So far I'm not doing a very good job of this either.

My father is at a stage in life and disease that his perception of reality and the perception of reality of other people do not always match.  He fades in and out of places and times, lives memories  real or imagined as if they are happening in the moment and makes associations or stories that may or may not have happened.  He knew me while we were there and I'm feeling so grateful for the moments of lucidness and understanding.  He knew I was the daughter with horses and that association was strong for him.  He told me where all the horses lived around the area, was able to describe in detail what they looked like, how their pastures were laid out and if they had barns or jumping arenas.  AND he was right.  As we drove around town I was able to identify each farm and the equine inhabitants he described.  He also of course had to tell me how much prettier all these horses were than Tucker (always one to tease and give a hard time).

About a month ago my Mother had to move him into a long term care facility, she is no longer able to meet his daily needs on her own.  I found it no coincidence that the walls of section he now lives in are decorated with pictures and painting of horses.